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milwaukee lockstar safe opening forgotten combination or safe codeForgot Your Safe Combination? Safe Opening Services Near You In Milwaukee

Safes are a fantastic way to protect valuables whether that be cash, gold, or other financial documents, personal documents like deeds, birth certificates, etc., or even family heirlooms like jewelry. They are typically fireproof, airtight, and constructed in a way that they can withstand massive force being placed upon them. Because of their purpose and construction, they are difficult to get into if you don’t have the combination, that’s how it should be. But what if you need into a safe and you’ve forgotten the combination?

There could be a number of reasons why you end up with a safe that you have no way of getting into:

  • You might have forgotten the combination or safe code
  • The safe might belong to a loved one who has passed without letting anyone else know the combination
  • You’ve moved into a house with a closed safe left behind in it
  • You bought an old safe at a yard sale or auction
  • Perhaps the lock itself has gotten jammed or seized
  • The electronics of your digital safe have been damaged

Here at Milwaukee Lockstar, our experienced residential locksmiths have the knowledge and tools to help you get into a safe you have forgotten the combination to. We have a working knowledge of a wide number of types of safes whether they be traditional combination safes, digital safes, or something else. It is important when trying to open a safe without the combination to do it properly otherwise you could damage the safe or even the contents inside. If you need help opening your safe or if you need help resetting a safe code that you’ve forgotten contact the professional locksmiths at Milwaukee Lockstar today. 414-939-8811

We are even trained locksmiths that can open a gun safe you’ve lost the safe code for.


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How to Open My Safe If I Forgot the Combination: 4 Steps to Getting your safe open

If you are ever unable to open your safe (even a gun safe) and access the contents of it, we advise against trying to open it yourself. A non-professional could damage the lock, safe, or the contents in the process, making it much more difficult for a professional locksmith to open the safe without damaging the safe or the contents inside the safe further. Before calling a Locksmith, there are a few things you can try to get your safe open. Here’s how to get your safe open you’ve forgotten the combination to, in 4 steps.

How to Open My Safe If I Forgot the Combination

Step 1: Find Out Which Safe You Have

The first step that you need to take is to identify the type of safe that you have, the manufacturer, make, and model since all safes are different and will need to be handled differently depending on how they are made. Is it a 3 number combination safe? A 4 number combination safe? Or maybe it’s a digital electronic combination safe. Properly identifying your safe means that you will be able to use the appropriate measures to reset your safe code or recover the code, to unlock your safe. Sometimes when you’ve forgotten the combination to your safe the easiest thing you can do is reset the safe code.

The last thing that you would want to do when you’ve forgotten the combination to your safe is panic and use the wrong access methods for your safe. This ends up damaging the safe and all its internal components making it unusable moving forward. If you think this could never happen, you should probably talk to someone who has been in a lockout before.

What Types of Safe Locks Are There?

Currently, there are 3 types of safe locks that are used:

  • Key Lock: This is the old-fashioned generic lock that is unlocked using a key. It gets the job done, but can be troublesome if the key is misplaced or lost.
  • Combination Lock: Another analog type of lock, it requires you to manually turn a knob to specific numbers displayed around the dial to unlock.
  • Electronic Lock: An electronic safe that typically runs on battery, this lock requires you to input the correct sequence of numbers to unlock. This type of lock is currently the most popular.

You must request help for a certain safe, this holds true regardless of whether you contact the manufacturer or a locksmith. When you contact either or, you will have to provide basic information about the safe for them to know which course of action they should take. The information that is needed in this situation can either be a serial number on the safe or your purchase information.

The serial number can be found on the side of the safe or the back panel of the safe. For security purposes, some safes have their serial numbers on the body of the safe. So, if you can’t find your serial number, use information from your purchase order to find out the brand and type of safe you have.

Step 2: Determine If Your Safe Has a Key Override

Once you know the type of safe that you have, you should check whether the safe (or gun safe) has a key override that can be used if you have forgotten your combination. Key overrides allow you to gain access to your safe using an alternative method. The key override is also extremely useful when you have forgotten the combination to your safe.

unlocked safe milwaukee lockstar forgot combination to gun safe

It is possible that you didn’t even know that your safe had a key override. Lots of people neglect to read the user manual when they buy a safe. Also, not all safes advertise the fact that they have an override key.

You should take the time to read through your owner’s manual and verify whether the safe has a key override or not. Doing so will save you time, and it will help you get back into your safe. However, if you find yourself saying “I forgot my safe combination”, do not get your hopes up about the mechanical override key. Not all safe manufacturers utilize one in their safes.


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Step 3: Determine If the Safe Has a Change Key

If your safe does not have a key override, there is no need to worry, you will make your way back into your safe. There are many people who have said, “I forgot the combination to my safe,” who have ended up gaining access to their safes once again. In the absence of a mechanical override key, a change key can be used to help you out of your situation. A change key allows you to change the combination so you can gain access to your safe again. This is extremely useful for when you have forgotten your combination.

The change key doesn’t work for all safes because you might be required to input your old combination when you are using a change key. To get the change key to work you insert the key in the back of the safe and then you must input the reset combination. This set of numbers is merely a way of wiping the slate clean for you to set a new code to your safe.

If you forgot your safe combination, the use of a change key or a mechanical key override can be quick solutions. People rarely have these elements on hand, so you will likely have to resort to calling a locksmith near you to help you get back into your safe.

Step 4: Find A Safe Opening Locksmith Near You

If you have tried all of the above methods and you have not been able to get into your safe, it might be time to reach out to the professionals. A locksmith in your area is the best way to get you access to a safe where you’ve forgotten the combination.

Finding the locksmith to open your safe sounds relatively easy. Safes are very intricate devices, and if they are not treated properly, you could potentially damage your security investment and the contents of your safe as well. Ideally, you want to find a locksmith that is familiar with safes, and one that seems knowledgeable about your safe (or gun safe).


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Whether you’re looking for safe openers or professional safe crackers in Milwaukee near you, our team has been in the locksmith business for years, and we have acquired advanced knowledge and extensive experience for handling all locking systems including those for safes. Whether you need to get into an old safe you’ve forgotten the combination for, your digital safe’s electronics have got messed up, or your gun safe’s lock is jammed, you can count on our service technicians to get the job done with the mastery that the situation requires.

If you seek one of the most skilled yet affordable locksmiths in your area for safe opening services in Milwaukee, WI, look no further than Milwaukee Lockstar for all of your professional locksmith needs.

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