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Master Lock System in Milwaukee

What is a Master Key System and how does it benefit business owners?

master lock Milwaukee WISecurity is an important aspect to consider for any business owner. It is important to give adequate consideration to your business’s locking needs.

Master Key Systems can be created with various levels of keys, to allow an owner or manager have a Grand Master key that opens all doors. An employee might have one key that only works their individual office or workspace(s).


What are the Various Levels of a Master Key System?

There are 4 levels in a master key system. They include a change key, master key, grand master-key (GMK), and great grand-master key. Below is a list of the order of least access to most:

Change Key: Also referred to the sub-master key, it only opens one lock type, that is all identical.
Master Key: in some master key systems this is the highest-ranking key. It can open multiple doors within a company, apartment complex etc.
Grand Master Key: This type of key can gain access to multiple master key systems. An example would be the doors for multiple business or apartment complexes.
Great Grand Master Key: This key can open all grandmaster, and master key systems. Basically, it can open any door, safe etc. that is within the full master key system.


What are the benefits of a Master Key System?

The largest benefit to having a master key system is the fact that you have controlled access to certain locks with one single key. Master key systems are very flexible and other locks can be added to them at any time.

The only time that you would have to rekey the locks is if you lost the master key, so this key is very important to the system and would cost you if you lost this key.


What are the Downsides to a Master Key System?

There is one big downside to a master key system and that is the risk of losing the master key or if it falls into the wrong hands.


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