What to Do When You’re Locked Out of the House

Wondering what to do when you are locked out of the house?

what to do when your locked out of the hours

We have compiled a wide range of simple yet reliable options for you, if you are Locked out of the house:

  • Call for help – Living with family or roommates usually means that there is someone available to let you in, even if you are coming home in the middle of the night. A trusted next-door neighbor or perhaps a close friend who lives nearby might also be able to bring you a spare key. Meanwhile, renters have the additional option of calling their building manager to let them into their unit. If your landlord does not know you personally, remember to show them your identification.
  • Use an unlocked window – Although you should never leave your windows unlocked when leaving the house, a window is often a great alternative for a door. It is not difficult to remove the screen and open the window from the outside in order to climb through, although you should remember the furnishings or other items that could be below the window.
  • Remove the doorknob – If the deadbolt is not in use, removing the doorknob can be a simple way to regain entry to your home. Insert a straightened paperclip or bobby pin into the small hole below or to the side of the doorknob, and push on it while twisting the door knob. Once done, you can remove the locking mechanism in the same manner.
  • Use a credit card – If your doorknob operates with a spring bolt, a credit card may be able to unlock it. Insert the card between the door and its frame where the latch is situated, and try to slide it beneath the latch. Because the card may become damaged, choose an expired gift card or another non-valuable option.
  • Upgrade to a keyless entry system – With this option, you have the security and peace of mind of unlocking your door with a keypad or a smartphone app.

Unfortunately, even the above precautions are not always foolproof, whether you are in a rush, in the midst of an emergency or are simply forgetful. In such cases, you also have the option of calling a locksmith. Keep in mind, however, that some unprofessional locksmiths prey on customers just like you, hoping to turn your woes into a money-making opportunity.


If you are looking to hire a locksmith to unlock your front door, consider the following tips to minimize the stress and money spent on that call:

  1. Before you find yourself locked out of the house, obtain quotes from at least 3 reliable locksmiths in your area to select the best one for you.
  2. Beware of companies that answer the phone with any phrase that does not state their legal business name. If a business that appears legitimate refers to itself as “locksmith service,” ask for their name and address for verification purposes.
  3. Always confirm the rate advertised on the website. Some companies charge a separate visit fee or after-hours fee in addition to the unlocking service.
  4. Once the locksmith arrives at your home, request to see their identification and license. Also, note that a legitimate locksmith is required to ask for your own identification to confirm that you live at the given address.
  5. Beware of a locksmith who arrives in an unmarked vehicle. Legitimate locksmiths will typically arrive in a service truck with their logo printed on it.
  6. Beware of a locksmith who arrives with a drill in hand. A qualified expert strives to minimize damage to the lock, hence attempting to pick the lock first.


If you are locked out of the house, the most important thing to remember is not to panic: With adequate preparation, there is always a way to regain access to your home. Furthermore, the Milwaukee Lockstar team is always here to help Milwaukee-area residents not only with unlocking their homes but also with a variety of lock and key options. call today!