What are the Pros and Cons of Keyless Locks?

Keyless locks work by pushing in a numbered code on a keypad. They are convenient, but are they a secure?


For many years, keyless entry locks on both homes and cars, have been very popular, here at Milwaukee Lockstar we are asked constantly about whether they are better than a traditional key lock system, how hard keyless locks are to install, are keyless locks safe, what is the cost difference between keyless entry locks and traditional locks, etc. As with any modern technology, there are pros to switching to a new keyless locking system as well as some cons to go along with them. Both the pros and cons of a keyless door lock system need to be examined before purchasing one for your family home.


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The Top Benefits of Keyless Door Entry Locks

There are 3 main benefits for choosing to install a keyless door lock system in your home and why they are a great safe option when it comes to locking your home:

Keyless locks Milwaukee 1. Key Not Required!

The number one best reason that someone will switch their old-fashioned locks to have keyless entry, is a reason that is pretty much common sense because they don’t need to carry a house key! When you have keyless entry, you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing your key and needing to call a qualified locksmith near you, or making sure you have a spare in any kind of emergency if you do.

2. Code Access

Another advantage of a keyless entry system is that you don’t have to worry about making sure that you have extra sets of keys for relatives that drop by or even visitors. All you need to do is give them the access code, and instructions on how to lock and unlock the door properly.

3. Virtual Keys

Want to know who comes in and out of your home and when? You can program multiple codes for each family member, relative, or friend. This way you know who has accessed your home while you were out.


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Problems with Keyless Door Locks

The benefits of keyless entry listed above might make it seem like the best option for home security,  but you also need to consider the problems with keypad door locks. We’ve listed the most common issues below:

1. Hackers

Just like any piece of technology that has a password, there is the possibility of a hacker to gain access to your personal accounts. The same goes for keyless locks. There are hackers out there that can hack into the system or even just guess the code.

When Choosing your keyless door entry code, choose wisely and make sure it has a high-security rate so that its harder for hackers to try to get in your home.

The good thing is that you can set up your keyless lock to alert yourself or the police if the wrong code has been inserted too many times.

2. Forgetting the Code

Just like forgetting your keys you can also forget your code to your home keyless lock system, causing you to be locked out until you can get an experienced locksmith near you to help you.

keyless door lock installation milwaukee lockstar3. Installation Cost

The initial cost of installing a keyless door system can be 3 – 10x more expensive than that of a regular entry system to your home. Costs can range from $150 – $200, depending on brand and quality of the system.

4. Power Failure

Where a keyless lock entry is electrical they can stop working, therefore, leaving you locked out of your home or not able to lock the door when leaving. They have a backup power source but it only lasts a certain timeframe, depending on your system.

Is A Keyless Entry Locking System Right for You?

There are many things to consider when deciding whether keyless locks are right for your home. You should think about who will be using the door and whether they will have problems getting in and out of the house because of the type of lock you choose. Just like with any home improvements, you need to consider what’s best for your family and make an informed decision. The purpose of keyless door locks is to make your life and your family’s life easier. It is good to do your research on different brands of keyless entry locks as well, making sure that you pick the best keyless door locks for your home and situation. If you aren’t sure where to start a qualified locksmith in your area will be able to give you some helpful advice.


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