Car Key Repairs: Do You Have a Broken or Damaged Key?

car key repair MilwaukeeThis is where Milwaukee Lockstar comes in – a dedicated provider of car key repair in Milwaukee, WI, and surrounding areas.

Common Reversible Problems with Damaged Car Keys

When you encounter a problem with your car keys, it is difficult not to panic and assume that the key is lost forever. Fortunately, there are several problems that can be resolved without the time, costs, and effort of a full replacement:

  • Car key is stuck in the ignition
  • Car key has worn out
  • Car key snapped is half
  • Difficulties starting the car
  • Transponder chip is broken or damaged
  • Key fob is broken or damaged


What Types of Vehicle Keys Can Be Repaired?

A qualified, “one-stop shop” locksmith is one who can repair all manner of vehicle keys, including:

  • Standard car keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Remote key fobs
  • Van and truck keys
  • Motorcycle keys
  • And many more.

With the rapid shift towards electronic keys in recent years, your locksmith will need to be specialized in key programming to deliver the highest quality level of service. Rest assured that Milwaukee Lockstar is fully trained and certified to assist drivers with any and all car key repair needs.

My Car Key Broke in Half: What Can I Do?

Without the training and expertise of a certified locksmith, many individuals lodge the broken segment deeper into the lock or even damage the locking mechanism altogether.
Resolving the problem rather than escalating it is what distinguishes a professional broken key removal from an inexperienced attempt. Due to the intricate nature of the task, it is essential to choose a locksmith who specializes in the removal of broken keys to ensure that you are receiving lasting, quality service.

My Car Key is Stuck or Won’t Turn in the Ignition: What Do I Do?

When a car key is lodged in the ignition, it is important to contact a qualified locksmith for professional diagnosis of the problem. Key-related problems can typically be resolved by cutting and reprograming a new key, while ignition-related problems can be resolved by repairing or replacing the ignition itself – depending on the extent of the damage.

How Do I Get a Broken Car Key Out of the Ignition?

If you are confident in your abilities and would like to avoid the extra few minutes of calling a locksmith, follow these steps to remove a broken key out of the ignition:

  1. Use compressed air* to remove any obstructions from the lock.

* Spray cleaners contain harsh chemicals that may damage the ignition.

  1. Place the key fragment back into the lock to assist in retrieving the other piece.
  2. Bend the ends on stiff wires or straightened paperclips and slide them along each side of the key to grasp the broken piece.
  3. Keep the wire in the ignition and carefully remove the upper key fragment.
  4. Hold the fragment between the wires and pull it out with an up-and-down motion to prevent relodging it in the ignition.


How Do I Get a Broken Car Key Out of the Door?

In a similar fashion to the above, you can also follow a set of steps to remove a broken car key out of the door:

  1. Remove* the upper key fragment from the lock.

* You may need to fully break off the fragment if it is only partially broken.

  1. Rotate the lock to the “insert” position with your thumb or a small object.
  2. Clear the lock of any debris and lubricate it with a liquid spray to aid in the key removal.
  3. Purchase a lock removal tool or use a homemade substitute – a long, narrow object with at least one hook on the end.
  4. Inset the tool into the key and twist the hook(s) towards the key fragment.
  5. Pull the fragment out of the lock until you are able to grasp and remove it by hand.


Can You Make a Copy of a Broken Car Key?

In short, yes. Once the broken parts of the key are removed from the door or the ignition, a locksmith can utilize them to cut a brand-new, identical key. The unique chip is simply removed and reinserted into the replacement key, thereby restoring your ability to open and operate your vehicle without compromising its security.

Who Repairs Remote Car Key Fobs?

A full-service locksmith who specializes in key programming will typically also be skilled in key fob repair and reprogramming. Because a broken or damaged key fob can prevent the opening of your vehicle doors or even interfere with the ignition’s most basic function – starting your car – it is essential to have it repaired in the quickest and most efficient manner.
If you are looking for professional car key repair in the Milwaukee area, please do not hesitate to call Milwaukee Lockstar today. We have trained experts ready to come to your rescue in 30 minutes or less!


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